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Our values
Our productions and our fruits are made from the organic farming with biodynamic practices.

All our products are elaborated without aromatic, artificial, synthetic or conservative additives.

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Genuine adventurer of natural taste, Laurent Cazottes expresses the very essence of the fruit and blossom he harvests from his lands biofarmed in compliance with the Nature& Progrès federation principles and practices of biodynamics.

Born from titanic and completely manual work, the scent and authentically pure taste of the Domaine CAZOTTES specialties have attracted attention of the top chefs.

The distillery Cazottes

Know-How recognized worldwide for its intensity and identity.

Tradition as Heritage

photo : Distillerie Laurent Cazottes de père en filsHeir of the know-how of an itinerant distiller, I try to combine tradition and respect of (by the work made with my spirits) the nature in order to produce the highest quality.

The combination of this ancestral know-how and a modern approach in a biological environment allows my brandies, aperitifs and liqueurs to express the quintessence of the aromas specific to the fruits or flowers from which they come.

Our natural cultures

 Distillerie Cazottes Nature et progrès We cultivate naturally: 600 pear trees "Williams", 200 plum trees of "Queen Claude Dorée" and vines of Mauzac Rose, Prunelart and Folle Noire.
Everything is in organic farming, the Cazottes estate is certified by "Nature et Progrès".

Some other specialities of our limestone terroir of Villeneuve-sur-Vère:

1300 truffle oaks for melano sporum truffles, 1000 saffron bulbs, sunflower oil, bread-making wheat, barley, black oats, sparrow hay, aromatic plants for the production of floral waters and essential oils.

The "QUALITE-FRANCE" licence attests to my commitment to respect the organic production method..
 Distillerie Cazottes Agriculture Biologique
 Distillerie Cazottes qualité France