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La Pangée

The winery is open by appointment only. Please contact us at 05 63 56 85 39.

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Article form Stéphane Davet published in M le magazine du Monde, here

Our values
Our productions and our fruits are made from the organic farming with biodynamic practices.

All our products are elaborated without aromatic, artificial, synthetic or conservative additives.

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Our Artisanal Eaux de vie

Pomme Pomme Gueule

Pomme Pomme Gueule (Apple Brandy)

Apple brandy made from the 15 varieties of the estate is blended here and bring a beautiful harmony of flavours.

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Poire williams

Goutte de Poire Williams

Overripe for more than a month, our "Williams Pears" are selected and sorted daily to allow a better concentration of sugars and flavours. It's what we called passerillage.

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Mauzac rose

Goutte de Mauzac Rose

Native, our Mauzac rose brandy draws its spirit from overripe grapes.

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Reine claude dorée

Goutte de Reine Claude Dorée

A variety very old introduced in our region, Reine Claude Dorée (Golden Greengage) is a regular in the pots of jam makers and distillers.

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Goutte de Prunelart

Goutte de Prunelart

Brandy made from grapes of the ancestral Prunelart grape variety certified organic by Qualité France.

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Petit Epeautre

Goutte de Petit Epeautre

Petit Epeautre, also known as "engrain", is one of the oldest Spelt varieties discovered and cultivated by man.

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