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La Pangée

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Article form Stéphane Davet published in M le magazine du Monde, here

Our Values
Our productions and our fruits are made from the organic farming with biodynamic practices.

All our products are elaborated without aromatic, artificial, synthetic or conservative additives.

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Liqueur de tomates

Artisanal tomato liqueur

To make this liqueur we grow 72 different varieties of tomatoes...

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Folle noire mutated on grain

Artisanal Folle noire liqueur

Folle noire mutated on grain. The same simplicity, grapes and brandy from the same grape variety.

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Prunelle Liqueur

Artisanal Prunelle Liqueur

Wilderness passing until the end of December, in order to also benefit from the concentration caused by the first frosts.

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Wild quince

Artisanal Wild quince liqueur

Passing wild quince from our countryside. In bushes and hedges, they are very difficult to pick well yellow or overripe.

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Guins and guins

Artisanal Guines 'n guins liqueur

Guines et guins

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Artisanal Cédrat liqueur

Cette liqueur est élaborée à partir de cedrat - citrus medica

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